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Hi Alfred, I've just completed your book....MAGNIFICO !Thanks for allowing me to share your adventure with Only Vita, Nana, Roberto and his family, the breathtaking Sicilian towns and your wonderful friends along the way:)

And now I'll begin my exciting journey with "The Reverse Immigrant...."

Dear Alfred:

Just finished your book and it was great. So much history about Sicilia can't wait to go there again, hopefully next year. My favorite chapter was 14, Staring Down the Bad Guy and reading about the Zappala Death Stare. I laughed so hard, it was great. Can't wait until the next book comes out. Thanks Alfred.

Here’s Another one! FIGGHIU BEDDU, by Alfred Zappala: For anyone who loves all things Sicilian this book is for you. He will have you traveling the back roads of numerous little and large towns and have you imagining the tastes that he deliciously describes; the scenic views splashed with drops of history will make you ponder. He also lets his reader step inside his heart as he writes about how two different women helped him to heal and love in a new freeing way. Thank you Alfred Zappala!

Good morning Alfred,

I am halfway through Fighhiu Beddu and swept away! I have been transported to Sicily without leaving New York and my love affair has begun…truely intoxicating... Thank you for sharing your heartfelt stories and looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks at your lecture in Little Italy with Vincent's meetup group:)

And from my friend and brother, from the Maestro Leonardo Ciampa’s Blog.

I just finished your book The Reverse Immigrant and enjoyed it so much. I’m very envious of you. The first time I went to my family’s home town in Sicily, Cattolica Eraclea, I felt that I was finally in my own skin after so many years. I just felt at home as you do.

I wanted to tell you that in the book when you talk about the airlines you refer to Lufthansa as Luftwaffe. As in the German air force. I pictured you heading back to America in a Messerschmitt!

All the best to you and thanks for the read!

Steve C.

As a story teller, especially about Sicily, the island of the sun that we both love, you have no peers. What a unique writing style. I enjoyed every page of your book. You amaze me with the intimate details about your ancestors and Sicilian experiences. Incredible!!!

I plan to read the book several more times because it is a constant source of joy and pride and love that we Sicilians have for our ancestral homeland. I can hardly wait for your next Sicilian adventure to be written. Thank you once again for taking the time and the effort for sharing your unique Sicilian experiences with us. Continued success and Blessings always,

Vince I.

Book review from England!!!!

The Reverse Immigrant : Return to my Sicilian Roots was published by Alfred in 2010. It arrived with me across the pond about a fortnight ago and I was impressed, both with writing style and publication quality. Having ordered from the website my copy arrived signed by the author. The book was clearly written in instalments that have been pieced together; that is not a negative; the book reads like a series of conversations and is like spending time with an old friend.

Dear Alfred,

I just received Gaetano's Trunk, and read several chapters.

Excellent job. You hit a grand slam. You have wonderful abilities of observation, story telling, and writing.

I've already called a friend and shared your Second Vatican Council observations from the beginning of "The Peasant's Dish." I had the best laugh that I've had in a long time. Also enjoyed The Peddler, Gadgets, Making Friends, and Living on a Bunch of Dimes.

John C.

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