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Welcome to our web site! You can order my books here, learn about dual citizenship, watch our television show about Sicily and a lot more too. If you have a legal matter in Sicily or Italy that needs attention, or want to plan a trip there then welcome!
If you want to study for the bar exam or want to browse a very interesting web site, then then this is the place!
Sicily and the law...Benvenuto!

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You, Me & Sicily

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My newest book "Joy of My Heart", plus all my other books on Sicily, view personalized travel to Sicily & Italy, read about You, Me & Sicily, learn about The Sicilian Project.

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Alfred M. Zappala has trained over 8,000 law students to become lawyers. If you need help on the bar exam, he can help you by offering private small group instruction & private tutoring. View book on the bar exam here.

Legal Work Italy Sicily

Legal Matters in Sicily & Italy

Learn about Italian dual citizenship and how to become an Italian citizen and how attorney Zappala can help you. Through affiliation with Italian counsel in Sicily, he can help you with many others matters as well.


This "friend of friends" trip will be more than you could imagine or hope. I returned with an abiding love of Sicily and the new "family" I met. Thank you, Alfred! Elaine...Maine

“What a unique writing style. I enjoyed every page of your book. You amaze me with the intimate details about your ancestors and Sicilian experiences. Incredible!!!”

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