The Multistate Digest by Alfred M. Zappala Esq.

The Multistate Digest: Passing the Bar Exam Rev.6.0 is a concise compilation of the seven tested subjects (including The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) on the multistate portion of the bar exam.

The book features poweful outlines on each subject jammed-packed with examples and exam tips gleaned from over two decades of bar preparation experience.

Over 8,000 lawyers have benefitted from my expertise and tutelage over the it is your turn!

PLUS: When you purchase this book, you will be entitled to a free 15 minute telephone consultation with Attorney Zappala who will review for you how to use the materials in an effective manner. Additional charges may apply if you later decide to consult the attorney for additional consultations.

Price: $99.00 plus $5. Shipping

You can contact him directly by phone 978-204-6574 or email Alfred Zappala.

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This download concisely summarizes all the pertinent information needed to conquer the seven tested subjects of the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). Jammed full of tips and examples, this summary also contains a great introductory section that will allow you to plan for the entire exam and points you in the right direction!
The most concise outline available on the market today at a great price!

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